Muay Thai, The Best Striking Art, The Best Exercise, The Best Time You’ll Ever Have On Two Feet! Boxing added to Muay Thai makes it a complete striking system. 



In fact, you’ve probably heard it called by various names; Muay Thai, Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, the Art Of 8 Limbs! The real art of Thailand is Muay Thai or Thai Boxing. Kickboxing can actually refer to watered down forms, so beware of “kickboxing” schools that do not teach “Muay Thai.” Muay Thai has been around for hundreds of years, but did not gain worldwide fame until the UFC demonstrated that there is absolutely no other “striking” Martial Art that is as effective as Muay Thai. Muay Thai added with Boxing is now widely accepted as the principal striking art any MMA (Mixed Martial Art) fighter must learn to be competitive in the UFC or other MMA leagues. In addition to its efficacy in the ring, it is of course the most powerful Martial Art for self-defense on your feet!



Not only is Muay Thai and Boxing two of the most effective forms of self-defense, they are also grueling workouts. Our Muay Thai/Boxing students burn thousands of calories while they are learning to defend themselves. In our classes you learn to throw jabs, crosses, kicks, knees and elbows and while sweating, breathing hard and taking yourself out of your comfort zone. But we make the process slow and safe. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! We will build you up while sweating off pounds!


What Separates UMMA’s Muay Thai/Boxing Program?

In addition to our very successful MMA fight team, UMMA’s specialty is the attention paid to each student. UMMA has a cap on membership and we will never accept more students than we can track. Your coach will follow your progress and make sure you are accomplishing your goals, whether those be weight loss, fighting in the ring, self-defense or just finding a new group to exercise and hang out with!

  • Our Instructors. Hands down the best instructors in Connecticut. Caring, passionate, friendly, still train and compete at a high level.
  • Our Facility. It’s the Cleanest and best Muay Thai facility in Connecticut with parking, huge mat space, Cage, Bags for Muay Thai and Boxing and more.
  • Our Students. Our students are awesome. No big egos, down to earth, strong sense of community.
  • Our Schedule. We have a wide selection of Muay Thai/Boxing classes – choose from afternoon classes and/or evening classes.

Life Is Now. Get Up, Get Out, And Get Something!



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