September Schedule change

Small schedule adjustment coming in Sept. We are adding a Gi fundamental jiujitsu class for all white belts Monday and Wednesday 6pm to 7pm. Then the 7:00 to 8:30 will be a No Gi advanced class designed for competitors both for tournaments and MMA not geared for beginners anymore. Then 8:30 to 9:30 will be our Boxing team practice. Tues Thur Gi class will become more intermediate level same times as always. So we will have 3 levels of BJJ, Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced. Most of you will be able to attend the no gi still because u been apart of the program but all white belts will be required to take the fundamentals class and advanced guys are welcome too. Big changes to our jiujitsu program is to help everyone get over some issues and make their game much more well rounded. Trying to help the newer students learn some small details that sometimes get left out in the No Gi program. Things that will be covered in the fundamentals class are
1 Guard Retention
2 Escapes (Mount, Cross Side, Back, North south, submissions)
3 Guard passing
4 Sweeping
5 Submissions
6 Drills
7 Grips for Gi & No Gi
8 Positional Grappling rounds
Basics that you need for competition and for better understanding of the advanced techniques and combos…

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