What Our Members Are Saying



My boys have been involved with martial arts for many years. They came to me awhile back, and asked if they can explore a different form of martial arts. Family members have trained at Ultimate MMA in the past. Therefore, I was aware of Andrew’s excellent reputation. After our initial visit to Ultimate MMA, they were hooked, so was I! Andrew, Joe, and Dan have a unique way of teaching the kids all of the techniques & controlling a group of energetic children, all while making it fun for them and keeping them engaged. Andrea is always at the front desk ready to answer any questions and help you in any way needed. The staff is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The facility is immaculate. The training is performed on a level the kids can understand, while learning a life skill they will carry with them always. From the moment we walk through the door, until we depart, the experience is a positive one. The first question the boys have, once they get home from school, is always; “do we have MMA today.” To say they look forward to attending class is an understatement. Ultimate MMA is the only choice for our family.






As a father of two sons, Damian who is 9, and Cameron who is 7, I have to say that I could not be happier with their experience at Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts and their instructors Andrew Callandrelli and Joseph Abate. The teaching and instruction they receive is 2nd to none, and I could see them growing literally after their 1st week in ability and confidence. I can say with 100% honesty, that if I had to choose one sport/activity for them to do for the rest of their lives, it would be with Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu / Mixed Martial Arts without a doubt. The workouts are intense, challenging, & focused, keeping them in great shape, while remaining fun. There’s never a day where they have to be forced to go. They want to be there, and want to learn. They’ve developed great relationships with the other children in an environment that’s competitive, while stressing respect, and friendship. In my opinion, it pushes the kids to push themselves in a manner where excellence & sportsmanship is the ultimate goal. To me, for my money, Mixed Martial Arts is more than just a sport…it’s an invaluable life skill. To me, that’s priceless.





Our children, Juliana, who is 10 and Michael, who is 5, attend classes at Ultimate MMA Training Center. Juliana has been taking classes there since August 2010. She previously was a student at a franchise martial arts studio and quickly became bored, lost interest and no longer enjoyed attending class there.

One day, she saw a news segment on a student from Ultimate MMA and said she really wanted to go there and has never looked back…we were immediately impressed with the family atmosphere, structure, and cleanliness of the facility.

Andrew, Joe and Dan are excellent instructors and work very well with children. They all have a deep passion for the sport of MMA and it comes through their teaching. Aside from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other mixed martial arts, they also teach respect and sportsmanship, our kids admire and look up to them.

In addition to it being an enjoyable activity for both my kids, it’s a great workout and is mentally beneficial as well. It’s never a chore to get them to class, in fact, they wish the classes were every day. We would highly recommend Ultimate MMA Training Center to anyone of any age interested in learning this sport.