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Getting Started

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Truth In Pricing!

As you look for comparable gyms in the New Haven County area, keep in mind that not all gyms act transparently. Our gym offers 30 Days Free and after your first two classes we explain this trial. We are committed to doing business differently, to bringing back integrity and honesty in the Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness industry. Other gyms may hold out lower prices but then trick you with “down payments,” “initiation fees,” “belt change fees,” etc. And if you go in for that “free private lesson,” you may meet with a very aggressive sales person. At Ultimate MMA & Jiu jitsu Training Center, we are straight forward. No down payments, no initiation fees, no belt fees! Just a simple honest monthly membership fee!

What Actually Happens When I Come In For A Free Trial Class?

Your first time at Ultimate MMA & Jiu-jitsu Training Center you will take part in two classes Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. You will be training in our beginner classes guided by our instructors and working with one of our mentor students to get a feel of the programs.

  • You show up 15 – 20 minutes before class!
  • A consultant greets you.
  • You fill out a waiver.
  • Your consultant will give you a tour of the gym.
  • You are introduced to your instructor.
  • You take an amazing class (or two), and you meet more of our amazing members!
  • You sweat, you learn, you smile.
  • You finish class and meet again with your consultant. You have the option to start that day or come back for another Free Trial class.
  • You fall in love with UMMA and get addicted to our programs, get in great shape, make new friends and start telling your friends and coworkers.

Wil Horneff