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“Do I Have to Compete?”

Absolutely not! Everyone has a different goal for why they get involved in boxing training. Whether you want to get started for recreational fitness, self-defense, or if your goal is to eventually fight in boxing, you are in the right hands! Even if you never plan to compete in a boxing match, you get the excitement of training striking right alongside our amateur and professional athletes, without ever having to partake in any of the contact sparring.


Our Facility

Within C&B Boxing Club, we are equipped with a full 24-foot Zebra floor boxing ring. We have boxing gloves available to use for trial purposes, as well as, boxing mitts for our members to use for practicing boxing combinations and counter drills. Our facility has multiple heavy bags, an upper cut bag, a double-end bag, and a speed bag, all for our members to use to sharpen their skills.


How Our Boxing Club is Different

At an average boxing gym, you are expected to perform the majority of your training through bag work, sparring, and self-teaching. While these are all necessary aspects of boxing, we feel that we can produce more technical boxers through consistent instruction. At C&B Boxing Club, you will be involved in a class environment, which will vary from the fundamentals of boxing, to advanced boxing techniques. We currently have multiple accomplished amateur boxers, holding Golden Glove titles, as well as, professional boxers training at our facility.


Group Classes vs. Private Lessons

The majority of our members start out in our group classes. Private lessons are available for people with restricted schedules, or for people who would like to work extra on specific techniques, with more individualized instruction.


“What Do I Need to Do If I want to Compete?

You do not need to be a registered USA Boxing Athlete to train with us, however, if you plan to compete in amateur boxing events, you will need to get a membership with USA Boxing. Members who wish and plan to compete, have to be actively involved in training and sparring regularly to be considered for fighting.


USA Boxing Registered Club

Within Ultimate MMA & Jiu Jitsu Training Center, we are also a Registered Boxing Club Team for USA Boxing. Our boxing club team is called C&B Boxing Club. Being a Registered USA Boxing Club allows our registered athlete members to compete all over the United States in amateur boxing matches and tournaments.

Start Your FREE 30 Day Trial Today!
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    I get tons of personal attention and more than anything it's the atmosphere that keeps me coming back. People are friendly and it feels like a second home.
    - Mike Chung

  • blair

    The gym is great for all kinds of people. You don't have to be looking to compete to get something out of this gym. He offers a wide variety of classes (kickboxing, boxing, No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, Gi Jiu-Jitsu and Women's Boot Camp, kids classes). So if your looking for a fun way to get in shape, learn practical self defense, meet some new friends and be around great people, Ultimate MMA is the place for you!
    - Blair Tugman

  • peter

    Always a great workout with friendly people and staff who want to help you get better! The classes are well-paced with a good mix of stretching, drills, technique, and grappling
    - Peter Tseperkas


    Kyle Falvey

    Excellent facility and a fantastic group of people. Great for first timers or seasoned fighters alike!

    Dawn Gaudio

    I assure you ,you will find no better gym to train in or for your kids to train in. Andrew and Marisa care alot and it shows in the way they coach and teach each student whether kids or adults. It is kept clean and spacious. Andrew has alot of fighters who are successful..He is a natural born leader. You will not be disappointed.

    Patrick Rogers

    “Best gym I have ever been at in every way.

    Vincent Rawlings

    The beautiful thing about learning Ultimate MMA is that no one can take it away from you. It is a very special kind of individual accomplishment that changes that person forever. Andrew & Marisa definitely knows what they're doing.
    Wil Horneff