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It takes more than just training in a cage. It takes top level BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Boxing to succeed. And that’s what we specialize in.



Mixed Martial Arts began in the United States with the UFC in 1993. It pitted all martial arts against each other to see which ones really could claim to be the “best” Martial Art. Almost all Martial Arts claimed to be the “best,” but when put to the test, the Gracie family from Brazil, with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, dominated the tournaments. As the sport grew, it became clear that the best form of fighting was mixture of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (which should include all forms of wrestling), Muay Thai and Boxing. Today, all the top fighters in the UFC train Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and BJJ and the combination of these arts has come to be considered a new art, MMA.



It has been proven time and again that MMA is the best form of self-defense. If the combination of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing and Muay Thai work against a trained opponent, imagine how effective those arts are against an untrained attacker on the street. In addition, MMA is a phenomenal workout and provides a myriad of benefits. We have many members from New Haven County and more who come to our gym to train MMA because they are interested in self-defense, getting in great shape and/or competing one day. And there is no better way to blow off steam! We offer an exciting and safe environment for training Mixed Martial Arts.


What Separates UMMA’s MMA Program?

Far too many schools teach “MMA,” but not the arts that make up MMA. This works up to a certain level. But to excel at Mixed Martial Arts, it’s important to excel at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (including wresting) and Muay Thai and Boxing. UMMA has the best Striking and Grappling programs in Connecticut with a strong focus on wrestling. Our MMA fighters also compete in BJJ and Muay Thai and Boxing at high levels. We build real MMA fighters, masters of all the elements of MMA. There is no shortcut to MMA, so don’t be tricked by programs that offer you a path to MMA without learning Muay Thai, Boxing and BJJ!

  • We are a real MMA gym – we did not convert from Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu – we’ve always taught Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Wrestling, Boxing & Muay Thai (the tenants of MMA)
  • Our Instructors. Our instructors are champion MMA & Jiu Jitsu instructors. You will learn the foundations of MMA – not a watered down version of the elements.
  • Our Facility. It’s the Cleanest and best MMA facility in Connecticut with parking, huge mat space,Cage, Bags and more.
  • Our Students. Our students are awesome. No big egos, down to earth, strong sense of community.
  • Our Schedule. We have a wide selection of Striking and Grappling classes – choose from afternoon classes and/or evening classes.

Life Is Now. Get Up, Get Out, And Get Something!


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